PerfectFit® is a finger measuring app that accurately sizes fingers, giving you a reliable ring size.


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PerfectFit® is a patented software application that allows any smartphone or tablet to become a virtual ring-sizer. Aimed at international jewelry e-tailers, PerfectFit® takes the guesswork out of the ring finger-sizing process. Our simple, easy-to-use, and accurate application delivers your exact ring size measurement as precise as 1/8th of a millimeter​. Our technology has the ability to handle international conversion specifications, wherever your customers are. Streamline the path to purchase, e-commerce integration, reduce returns, and give customers confidence they are ordering the correct size jewelry with PerfectFit®. We are always staying ahead of the curve on technology trends to continue to empower our customers to sell more.

John Shea - CEO

Keith Foust - President

Brad Shea - SVP | Strategic Accounts

Donald Agin - SVP | Sales and Marketing

Reece Dantin - Director | Product Development

Leah Slepian - Design

Brady Simon - Developer

Billy Chen - Developer




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